Flounder Assassin Products


LED Flounder Light

$99.99 Free Shipping   
The underwater LED light is so efficient you can use it for a minimum of 8 hours on a single charge.  It is completely waterproof so you can drop it in the water to free up your hands and it will float next to you.  You can attach it directly to your household drill battery, deer feeder battery, or independent battery source.  The lightweight PVC housing makes it easy to carry for long periods.

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Flounder Gig
$24.99 Free Shipping

The perfect design for all you flounder gigging needs.

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Speckled Trout Decal

approx. 3.5 x 9in
$5.99 Free Shipping

Flounder Assassin Decal

approx. 9 x 5.5in
$7.99 Free Shipping